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Merry Christmas

This year, we managed to put up a Christmas star. I mean I had to prod V for a week to do the needful - a new paper star, bulb etc. Well, I always take credit for getting things done around the house with his nod - such as installing the mosquito screens for the windows - and that is because major decisions on the house has to be made on a consensus basis. Also, some of the things I do without consulting turns out disastrous - a recent instance being a new cordless phone I purchased (though I suspect that the problem is not with the phone but with its proximity to the computer).WE also decorated the Xmas tree from last year with baubles, bells, drums and best of all, some olive wood-carved hangings from Israel that we won at the church auction.And today, as we prepare to leave for Kerala to celebrate Christmas with our families, I wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. And we are treating my 90-year-old paternal grandma with a birthday bash on 26th. God bless you al…

Morning madness

The day just did not start out right. Yes, I did get my 7-hr beauty sleep - these days that is a luxury since Ash entreats us with his inke chori (scratch here) and anke chori (scratch there) -while the husband got an extra hour. Tea and newspaper headlines later, I dip my palm in water and sprinkle it on the faces of the sleeping dad and his lil girl, a technique popular in Kerala. The daughter is roused up before 8 am to be readied for school in half an hour. A few tantrums later - about when she should get up, who should brush her teeth, bathe her and what dress she would wear (she is getting more and more tomboyish growing up with a big brother, as she hates frocks and skirts and wants only clothes with pockets) - she is ready for her jam-and-bread breakfast (vetoing the idli-coconut chutney made for the kids).But not so the husband. He needs a few more sprinklings to leave bed. Then he decides to shift base to the chair and stare at outer space. Proddings and entreaties dont work…

Worrying times

Feeling a little down in the dumps. A few things bothering me, the first being Ash's skin which is getting no better. The UV therapy continues, but since Madras is having its best climate - a ghost of a winter - until early February, I cant expect things to improve. And he makes things worse by not sticking to his diet, the latest being a Ferroro Rocher that V's colleague presented him. With the result that he nor us slept until 3 a.m. yesterday.The second worry is if the maid will return after the Kerala trip. She is setting her sights on the Gulf shores after her sister went there a month back to work as a housemaid. Not that we are very keen on keeping her, but a sudden pull-out would throw things out of gear - managing kids' school, babysitting, my leave and so on. Since she sugars her nanny services with many a lie, we do not know how well she takes care of the kids - whether she feeds them the stuff we entrust her with, whether she beats them etc. There are things th…

Vacation plans

I do a lot of talking on the blog, but I have forgotten to mention that my Christmas vacation is nearing. I am like that. I give instructions to the maid but I forget to tell her very basic things. I assume that she will know but only when she makes a major bloomer, I realise that she is one of the dumbest ones I have hired. As dad says, if she were intelligent why would she want to work as a maid?
Well, we are off to Kerala on the 20th for a 10-day vacation. Ten days for me, the kids and the maid and a week for V, who will return to Chennai earlier. I travel back on the 1.1.2009. The company has introduced a holiday for New Year this time as it has gained a holiday when the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister clubbed Tamil New Year day (April 14) with Pongal (Jan 14). I dont understand the crazy logic that went behind shifting New Year to the Harvest festival. Not that people are going to stop celebrating New Year on April 14 just because Karunanidhi told them to. It is not as easy as making pe…

Weekend action

On Saturday, we took Ash to the renovated park in Shenoy Nagar in the morning before his UV therapy. I did not prepare him well for the latter - I mean I forgot he needed to wear briefs for the radiation, so we had to invade the first baby shop that opened in the morning to buy one.On Sunday, we took Mira to church. Then we came home and took both kids to see Lijy, who is nursing a broken elbow after slipping on the freshly polished mosaic floor of their new flat. The kids emptied all of Jason's toys on the floor to play. Luckily her maid was in and I am sure she tidied up the place after we were gone. I have to teach my kids to put away their toys. They hate to do it.On Monday, we played host to V's sister and family who came down past midnight on Sunday. We chatted into the early hours of the morning while the kids played till 2 am. And today is a holiday for Mira, being Bakrid. The buses were not crowded, and the one I got to had college-going guys and girls occupying many …

Season's musings

The Christmas spirit is in - shops selling christmas-New Year cards (though these days one mostly sends e-cards, even a friend who has been sending me Xmas and Birthday cards for over 15 years has finally decided to take the e-plunge) , Christmas CDs being played in shops like Landmark here, mannequins donning red and white costumes, Xmas trees and decorations for sale etc etc. Though in Chennai, Christmas is a bit low-key unlike in Kerala where we breathe Christmas for the whole of this month.

A carol service in Ash's school brought in the Christmassy cheer to me yesterday. I went partly because I wanted to meet his teacher - who had told the van driver that we dont send Ash to school until he is fine - and partly because I wanted to hear some Christmas carols in my son's school. Somehow, I feel very emotionally close to the school thanks to Ash's teacher who has been very kind to him.

I had sent him to school on Tuesday and it had been a disaster - the teacher told me late…


Mira gets help from the maid in tying a sari. As kids, most Indian girls go through this "sari" wearing phase. If I used bedsheets once upon a time (that was because dupattas and salwar-kurtas were almost unheard of in Kerala then), Mira had my dupatta to try out.
This head-scarf business is a favorite pastime for the maid and Mira. The maid is a professional in that since she has worked as a daily-wage labourer in the paddy fields and construction sites in Kerala, where women shield their heads using the very-Kerala towel we call thorthu.
She reminds me of Kasturba Gandhi with her long-sleeved "blouse". But then Muslim women in Kerala still use long-sleeved "jackets", so it cant be labelled a pre-Independence costume.
With her brother. Unlike her, it is very difficult to get him to pose. There he is looking over his shoulder to see what is showing on TV.
There she is, looking very Divya Unni in her smile and ears. I hate to compare her with the actress…