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The autodriver gave me the first big shock, post-vacation. He has jacked up the fare by another Rs.10 because petrol prices are going up tonight.
The weather continues to be as bad as it was when I left hot and sweaty. Chennai reportedly got a couple of rains while I was away.
As for Kerala, thundershowers continue. I did not get to see the southwest monsoons though it was expected to set in by Thursday.
The kids enjoyed watching the rains and playing in the puddles in our frontyard. Ash, the nature-lover, accompanied me on one of my morning walks in the fields and was enraptured by the butterflies and cranes and cows grazing. But then he began to insist on going there so often that I had to dissuade him with tales of snakes in there. And I wasnt lying when I said that. Our manservant's son was bitten by a watersnake which luckily wasnt too poisonous. The fields and the backyards have been left uncultivated and untended. Daily labourers are an expensive proposition in Kerala. The onl…

Bye bye Bluebirds

I am off to Kerala on a 15-day vacation tonight. Right now I feel I will miss the cyberworld terribly but once I am there, I know I wont have time to think much about it. It will temporarily cure my Internet addiction.
Attending a wedding, a trip to Poovar near Trivandrum (I will try to look at it as a belated wedding anniversary treat from V) and checking out Ayurveda treatment for Ash in Trivandrum is on the cards during the one week that V will be there. He returns to Chennai on 25th.
The maid will go to her mother's home ( I dont think she wants to go to her drunkard husband's place) and promises to come back on 30th, when we have to pack up our bags too. I hope this maid wont give us any shocking surprises in the last minute. She does seem keen on returning. I understand our house, despite the din created by the two little ones, is heaven for her compared to her Gulf stint. Apparently she didnt get 4 months' pay for working in an Arab household; they also didnt give her…

The jugglers

Vijaya tells me that she admires us for being able to juggle Ash's various hospital appointments and our individual jobs (which luckily for both of us allows a lot of flexibility, not to mention understanding bosses). Yesterday morning I took Ash to the opthalmologist about a stye in his eye before meetingVijaya for the speech therapy. Since his session started 15 minutes late, it turned upside down my plans of reaching office before a certain respected time. To make matters worse, Ash kicked up a tantrum for getting him a Nestle UltraPerk instead of a Cadburys Gems from the hospital lobby shop and howled all the way home.The lobby shop is an unavoidable nuisance for all parents coming in with their wards. As I rush in dragging Ash to meet the appointment deadline, he tells me: "Amma, I dont want juice. I dont want chocolate." He only wants to stop a while to see the fish in the aquarium. But the moment he steps out of the Audiology dept after his class, he tells me: &qu…

Comedy of Terrors, Act II, Sc. 1

(The boy is on a provision shopping expedition with his dad.)
Boy: Appa, I dont want ice cream. It will itch.
Appa: Good.
Boy: Appa, I dont want chocolate either.
Appa: Very good.
Boy: But Appa, please get an ice cream for Vaava. Chocolate too.
(The dad delves into the freezer box for an icecream.)
Boy: Appa, take one for me too.
*** (The boy sights a Play Dough pack next. He picks it up unheeding his dad's no-no and proceeds with it under the arm to the lady at the billing counter.)
Lady Cashier: Hey, wasnt it just last week that you bought one and went home?
Boy: That one? Appa broke it!

(Note: "it" refers to the dough-kneading instrument. And no, the Boy wasnt lying. His dad broke it while trying to squeeze out some hardened dough.)

Diet dilemma

Ash had his follow-up appointment with the allergy specialist at Child Trust today. It was my first visit to the hospital, so I bungled up a bit and forgot to report at the Medical Records Room so that they would send the file to the doctor's room. With the result that we had to wait over an hour.
Ash's allergy test shows 2-10 allergy for wheat, rice, milk, fish, chicken, gluten (for shrimp it is 55) when the values should be less than 0.35 whatever. The doctor was horrifed to see that Ash showed a high allergy to house dust mites (over 100) and suggested a skin testing before going for an immunisation programme at his home clinic. He tells us that the medicines are imported, hence it is an expensive treatment.
At this rate Ash cant eat anything. The dr said we avoid wheat and milk and continue to give rice, our staple food.He has asked us to continue the oral steroids for him. We need to consult Ash's peadiatrician before we embark on anything, since he had been skeptical o…

The itch continues

Our 9th wedding anniversary today.
Forget dinner, I will be lucky if he decides to take me (and the kids) out tonight. He tells me that he is in no mood for hotel food after an office party yesterday night and an office training program (lunch included) today.
Ash's allergy test report shows positive to most allergents. V tells me the allergy towards many stuff tested (house dust, milk, chicken etc )are v. high. I need to go home and see the report.
Right now Ash keeps telling me often: "Amma, it is an allergy." He has heard us use that word often in the past two weeks.

The curious questioner

Yesterday I read an article in our company hospital bulletin, which really touched me. About an 80-year-old man asking his 45-yr-old son a question four times. "What is that?" he asked looking at a crow. The son replies, "A crow". When the father repeats the same question over and over, the son is irritated and impatient. The father then brings a diary in which he has recorded something his son had asked him when he was just 3 years old. Looking at a crow, the son had asked him 23 times what it was and each time the father had gladly and patiently told him that it was a crow. The message is that one should show patience and kindness to elders, however unreasonable the may sound. We dont show the same patience we show to children to our elders, entering their second childhood.The story reminded me of my kids' repeated queries about things around them. Though I dont think I will have the patience to answer the same thing 23 times. Maybe 4-5 times. I dont have muc…

Train to Kerala

My inlaws left yesterday night. It had been a great help having them around since m-i-l especially saw to it that the kids were fed and taken care of well. They left worried about how the maid would take care in our absence. The maid does other household chores - cooking and cleaning and stuff - well but she doesnt show much interest in babysitting. She utilises her spare time to read the Malayalam newspaper (I think she is a very slow reader going by the amount of time she spends on it, as if she were preparing for an exam), afternoon siesta, bath, TV and so on. Mil had given her a tution about how to take care of the kids and keep them out of trouble (their inummerable fights and dangerous play, such as suffocating each other with a pillow) plus a generous tip (hopefully the latter will make her more enthu and sincere about her job). Ash quickly bid his grandma goodbye at the railway station and clung to his dad for dear life. It was a good thing hence that we didnt try to send him …

A man of the world

Once upon a time, my brother would sit on a cane chair next to my ailing granpa in the parlour and pretend to be flying an aeroplane. "I am going to Persia to get you medicines," he'd tell him and it made my granpa so proud and happy that tears welled up in his eyes.
And today, my son did something like that with his granny as she was trying to get a couple of idiappams into his tummy by hook or crook. He 'started' his tricycle and told her, "I am going to get you medicines." He collected the money she 'gave' her and put in his pocket. Unfortunately, his vehicle met with an 'accident' as he went round the house. He turned it on its side and sat on its wheel and told her, "Vandi crashed!" He then got a spoon from the kitchen drawer to function as a spanner and spent some time repairing the cycle.
By then his granny had managed to get the idiappams down his throat and it was time for the next game.
p.s. It amazes me how much kids tr…

Sunday trip

At Basera, a barbeque restaurant on ECR. This was our second trip there. V wanted the kids to have fun since the place has a good play area. The grandparents and the maid enjoyed too.We had dinner in a hut propped up on stilts. Food is pretty good there. The place has tree-top tables too.

Revelations, Chapter 2

Thanks Lijy for tagging me again, and giving me something to blog about on a day I have nothing to write about. But I am worried I am revealing too much about myself, boring others with too much details about myself and getting repetitive (hence I will delete a few questions I have answered in earlier tags)What Book Are You Reading?Maximum City by Suketu Mehta. (It is a gripping and powerful account of life in Bombay, but I dont get to read more than 2 pages a day since blog-writing and blog-reading eats up most of my free time at work. At this rate, I will take two years to finish it.)Favorite Board Game?Snakes and Ladders/Ludo, once upon a time. Favorite Magazine?India Today, even now - though people say the content quality has gone down.Favorite Smells?I have answered this earlier but there are so many to choose from, so I wont delete this question. The other fav. smells are of roses and chips fried in coconut oil. Favorite Sound?Of waterfalls. Cant think of anything else right now…

Yours severely

Today morning we had a heated debate on the best way to treat Ash's skin ailment. It has meant untold suffering for the poor child (an adult would have hit the roof if so afflicted) inspite of our applying oils all the time, bathing him in neem water and shikakai powder (which he hates as it burns his bruised skin) and giving medication thrice a day. But so far there has been no respite and the child continues to be a ghost of his former self - scales peeling off on his face everyday, hair falling and the eyebrows almost disappearing.

I and mil strongly suspected that it was some allergy - medication or food - that was the root cause. V said it was the Enterogermina acting on his body and making all the bacteria come out. I said we go to the allergy clinic of Dr. Nagaraju in Child Trust Hospital here but V didnt sound keen on allopathy again. His parents too supported an indigenous cure though mil thought allopathy would be wise for external application. In two hours, V made variou…