Revelations, Chapter 2

Thanks Lijy for tagging me again, and giving me something to blog about on a day I have nothing to write about. But I am worried I am revealing too much about myself, boring others with too much details about myself and getting repetitive (hence I will delete a few questions I have answered in earlier tags)

What Book Are You Reading?

Maximum City by Suketu Mehta. (It is a gripping and powerful account of life in Bombay, but I dont get to read more than 2 pages a day since blog-writing and blog-reading eats up most of my free time at work. At this rate, I will take two years to finish it.)

Favorite Board Game?

Snakes and Ladders/Ludo, once upon a time.

Favorite Magazine?

India Today, even now - though people say the content quality has gone down.

Favorite Smells?

I have answered this earlier but there are so many to choose from, so I wont delete this question. The other fav. smells are of roses and chips fried in coconut oil.

Favorite Sound?

Of waterfalls. Cant think of anything else right now.

Worst Feeling In The World?

"I wish hadnt done anything sooo stupid" feeling.

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?

"Oh! 8 a.m. again! Tomorrow I will get up at 6 a.m. and go for a walk!" (But as Tara says, Tomorrow is another day)

Favorite Fast Food Place?

Tic Tac (here in Chennai) for the kebabs, but I wont call it a favorite.

Future Child's Name?

We go by the "We two, Ours two" policy, so no future child. But both of us sometime toy with the idea of adopting a kid when the duo are a lil older. For all you know, it might never come to pass - for one, it is just an old romantic desire of mine and secondly, adoption is a very difficult process in India especially since we have a male and female child already.

Finish This Statement. "If I Had A Lot of Money I'd..."

Spend the Chennai summers in Switzerland or any hill station in India for that matter.

Do You Drive Fast?

No, I only drive mad - my husband, that is.

What Was Your First Car?

Maruti 800

Do You Eat The Stems On Broccoli?


Name All The Different Cities/Towns You Have Lived In.

Chennai, Delhi, Dar-es-salaam, Changanassery.

Would You Like To Be Born As Yourself Again?

No. I want to be a red-tailed dragonfly or a fish in the deepseas :)

Morning Person or Night Owl?

Night owl. I can stay up till 3 am in the morning, but I cant wake up at that time however early I go to sleep.

Favourite place to relax?

A room in a five-star hotel overlooking the beach, such as a suite/chalet in GRT Temple Bay in Mahabalipuram (where I had the fortune to stay once). And provided it is on the house!


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