Diet dilemma

Ash had his follow-up appointment with the allergy specialist at Child Trust today. It was my first visit to the hospital, so I bungled up a bit and forgot to report at the Medical Records Room so that they would send the file to the doctor's room. With the result that we had to wait over an hour.
Ash's allergy test shows 2-10 allergy for wheat, rice, milk, fish, chicken, gluten (for shrimp it is 55) when the values should be less than 0.35 whatever. The doctor was horrifed to see that Ash showed a high allergy to house dust mites (over 100) and suggested a skin testing before going for an immunisation programme at his home clinic. He tells us that the medicines are imported, hence it is an expensive treatment.
At this rate Ash cant eat anything. The dr said we avoid wheat and milk and continue to give rice, our staple food.He has asked us to continue the oral steroids for him. We need to consult Ash's peadiatrician before we embark on anything, since he had been skeptical of the allergy tests in the first place.


ush said…
its basically what i have said before wheat causes all this..remember bread,biscuits/cakes,puffs etc all fall under that ...
milk, eggs,fish, nuts, citrus,cocoa,soy,certain lenthils..etc make ECZ act real bad..(these i found sher has to avoid)
keeping diet as stictly as possible really helps..and its the most hard thing to do.
i know..esp since child small and has a sibling who can eat.
shots r upto u.. some of them who took it have all advised me to give sher..
and their kids outgrowing it.
those who did not give also say their kids better now.
good luck.. watch diet and see..
here we have to go with what Drs and insurance co say..!
take care

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