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Once upon a time, my brother would sit on a cane chair next to my ailing granpa in the parlour and pretend to be flying an aeroplane. "I am going to Persia to get you medicines," he'd tell him and it made my granpa so proud and happy that tears welled up in his eyes.
And today, my son did something like that with his granny as she was trying to get a couple of idiappams into his tummy by hook or crook. He 'started' his tricycle and told her, "I am going to get you medicines." He collected the money she 'gave' her and put in his pocket. Unfortunately, his vehicle met with an 'accident' as he went round the house. He turned it on its side and sat on its wheel and told her, "Vandi crashed!" He then got a spoon from the kitchen drawer to function as a spanner and spent some time repairing the cycle.
By then his granny had managed to get the idiappams down his throat and it was time for the next game.
p.s. It amazes me how much kids try to imitate adult life.


ush said…
hi, amazing..all kids see to do it. take care

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