A boy of the world

My little man acts like a big man at times. He sees the zip of my nightie open one inch from the hollow of my neck and pulls it up to my throat.
"Amma, naanakedaa (shame)" he tells me.
I tell him it is suffocating me but he wont hear of it.
He doesnt let his dad walk around, like Malloo men are wont to, on a bare torso. He doesnt rest until daddy dear grabs a t-shirt to hide his semi-nudity.

And today was his school Annual Day. He went with his dad for a good two hours. I couldnt make it since I am at work.

The kids got a special morning treat today when we took them to a small, renovated park near Mira's school, which is not crowded and is pretty neat. We took turns in our brisk walks while the kids played - on the see-saw, swing and slide. The park has put morning walks back in my agenda - after dropping Mira at school.


Anonymous said…
enjoy the park and walks. ust
Amos said…
Where is this park?? Looks well maitained. Is it part of the Singara Chennai??.....AM
Ladybird said…
This is near Shastri Bhavan, Haddows Rd. It is small and neat and not too much of a crowd since it is in the middle of a posh area. There are many such renovated and under-renovation parks now - near Sangam theatre and some roadside parks/pavement area near Asan school... all part of Singara Chennai :0
K 3 said…
LOL at the little guy acting like the big man. Whats with boys, I say? Even my little guy laughs if I wear a saree saying "Tummy" all over! :D
Ladybird said…
Earlier he would pinch tummies of women guests who came wearing saris. Now he finds all this exposing repulsive :)

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