I accompany V as he goes to Mira's school to pick her up. We are a bit late and I find her sitting on a bamboo mat in the teachers' room along with another little boy, looking forlorn. She rushes to me with her bag when she spots me while the little boy looks sad and worried.

I ask the teacher how she is doing. She tells me she is an angel. Since July, she is the only kid they have never had a problem with. She eats all the food that is given, takes her own spoon and plate and doesnt waste a morsel. I am surprised - she is not exactly an angel at home. She throws tantrums and is fussy about her food. If she eats, she has to do it looking at the crows from the balcony. Or I run behind her as she plays or cycles. I tell the teacher I cant believe it. She tells me she is quiet but understand what they tell her in English. They are trying to speak a little Malayalam to her to make things easy. There is a nap time from 12.15 to 1.15 pm. Lunch comes before that. She takes rosemilk/custard after the nap.

I look at the menu. There is fried groundnuts and milk with Boost for breakfast, a lunch of pepper rasam rice, cauliflower and pineapple and a dessert. The menu is different each day of the week.

The quiet angel transforms into a chatterbox once she leaves the school premises. Double-faced, like me. I can be reticent and talkative too depending on my surroundings.


Anonymous said…
sounds like a good diet and tasty food. Enjoy it ..Mir..
hope u all have great day. take care ust
Ladybird said…
V tells me there is chocos for morning snack, dal rice, khicdi, rosemilk etc. The teachers lamented that the kids preferred chocolates for dessert and so one day they gave that.

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