Spiritual awakening

As mothers are wont to do, let me also brag about my kids' achievements :) Be warned, these are the spiritual ones.
  1. Ash can recite Psalm 23 in Malayalam - something his grandparents taught him. Grandparents are incredible - we never managed to teach him anything so far! And I dont think I byhearted "The Lord is my Shepherd..." until I was seven or eight and old enough to read the Bible's tough Malayalam on my own ( And I couldnt understand the 2nd line "Enikku muttundakayilla = I shall not want" in Malayalam. Muttu in simple Malayalam means knees and I didnt know why I wouldnt need my knee for the Lord's sake.)
  2. He tops it with "The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit" in Malayalam and makes a sign of the cross thrice.
  3. He refuses to go to sleep until he says it at night. And he insists on having the Bible open in front of him - as if he can read.
  4. Mira's impromptu prayers include "Please cure Achacha's itching" and "Please take care of the baby in T aunty's womb".


Anonymous said…
Sooooo sweeet!

- the other romila
Lijy said…
that is really sweet of them both.

I hope Ash is enjoying his new school
Anonymous said…
hi, good kids god bless them.. got the task of teaching my kids.. not started yet!ps 121, lord is my sheperd to another and another ps 37..!
T'aunty(sil preg?) congrats and good luck. so u going to be aunty too!
take care
Romila said…
Mira's prayers sounds so cute. I am sure GOD must have really heard them and acted on them.

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