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This blog has also fallen prey to the sari below navel bug. Strange are the search items that draw people to a blog. While I can vouch that most the search words that make people stray to my blog are mundane ones, such as the Kerala chicken stew or those related to certain schools in Chennai that get mention here or the various ointments that Ash uses, this one today amused me. Someone in Bangladesh looking for a "mother sari below navel"! The worst my blog had been subjected to before this was "girls bathing in veegaland". I cant recollect any other.
I regret to say I cannot offer any picture or info on the above two.
A few other search queries I'd like to answer:
Lady Andal montessori school timings: Should be from 8.30 to 12 as is the case with most primary schools in Chennai. We start early in the day to beat the office traffic. The school traffic is daunting enough.
LKG admission in PSBB: start calling up/visiting the school office in October for the next academic year. The forms are distributed for a week in early November, I think. And dont forget that PSBB gives admission at two and half years in pre-KG. It is tough getting an admission in LKG or later.
LKG in Kendriya Vidyalaya: The KVs offer admission to Class 1 at the age of five. Your child need not do the KG course to gain an admission. But it is essentially meant for children of government servants and those with transferable jobs. If you have an only girl child, she will get free education in a KV.
Unfortunately, people in Chennai look down upon KVs. It is like sending your kid to a govt Corporation School. I couldnt convince my husband either.


dreamrunner said…
Any pics of Ashwin in school uniform on Day 1? What an exciting phase of life ahead? I wish him the best...

I still remember my first day at school. Dad was shaving in the spare bedroom (with the door of almirah open so that the mirror faces the window to cast enough light for him to shave)and he calls me - 'Da Kochumon, you need a proper name before you start school?
Me- (silent as i had not figured out that 'Kochumon' (youngest son)was not a proper name)
What about the name - Robin?'

Me - uhmm.Who was Robin?
Dad - There was an adventurer called Robinson Crusoe and a thief called Robin Hood.

I was suitably impressed.Being a thief (in the mould of actor Jayan was a key ambition, second only to bus conductor).
And Robin stuck. Far cry from the trend today when names are shortlisted before the kid is born and debated for years after. Presumably, name options were discussed in detail, but dad in his stoic style never conveyed that impression. Even on the odd days when i wish i had an Indian name, i remember with a smile how i was named.

Ashwin starts school, one step ahead.
Roshin said…
I will post the pic soon.
Yeah, I think there was an initial plan to call you Roby. But Robin sounds much better, though not an Indian name.
We still are not happy with either of the names we gave our children. I wonder if he needs to be called Reuben while V says he will some day change it to Paul. But I dont think we will.
As for Miriam, my inlaws dont seem to like it because they werent consulted about it and fil says he cant find the name in the Bible! I wanted a name like Arunima or Anushka to rhyme with Ashwin.
Anonymous said…
hi, whats the world coming to.. can't do anything..somebody there we have to watch out..?
kids name r fine.. u both either change the name now or stop worrying/talking/writing about it.. the kids(allready started schooling) will then start in present world if u change names there is a whole lot of process..and paper work..u better take care off.. or else later in life they will have other problems to deal with and curse u all.our tenents have it now.
To me, miriam is another version of mary.. u have mary in u'r name.. its jesus mum too.
Hey Robin, so that's how u got u'r name.. nice.. i did like the name Robin.. my uncle has the same name.. wonder how he got his.U'r name is unique and many people will remember u, also spell it right! as well not kill it while saying it.
As to my kids names.. i told my hubby about what the draw backs r he heard me and said ok.. and still went a head.!
God bless u all. Good luck.ust
dreamrunner said…
Thanks -Usha,
Robin is indeed an easy name to spell although i get a lot of Americans addressing me as Ms.Robin in emails.

Thank god, I was not called Roby! Keralites and Punjabis are legendary at giving their kids a handicap with names that feel like an insult.
Romila said…
Hee! Hee! Sari below the naval, fantastic search keywords and that too leading to your very mommy blog:)

Strange are the ways of the word.
Anonymous said…
Hi, good to always look at the bright side if u can.. hehe Ms. Robin.. well it looks like my hubby will have to deal with it,(as i had warned him) when Noel grows up and gets some mail like that.
HAve a good and happy life. Take care ust.
K 3 said…
hee hee!!
Anonymous said…
He he he.. Welcome to the weird search terms club :P
Anonymous said…
Very funny! I get a few naughty searches on my site too, I keep meaning to post about them. Internet is a wacky world!

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