Occupational hazards

Calamities in the first week of school:
  • Ash returns home with some other kid's schoolbag, unlabelled unlike his, and minus any tell-tale books or school diary and plus a snack box filled with chocolate chipped Hide&Seek biscuits. He comes home, opens the snack box and starts eating the forbidden fruit (cocoa-based snack).

  • A brand-new brief is missing. He tells me "the Miss" took it, after he attended nature's call. (The Miss is his class teacher. "What is her name?" I ask him. He replies: "Teacher." What is your teacher's name?" He says, "Miss".)

  • Mira comes home with a spare panty in a polythene cover that belongs to some other, bigger built girl.

  • V burns a hole in the pocket of Ash's uniform shirt while superceding me in the ironing business.

But on the whole, we like this new calm after the storm. The storm rages from 7 to 8 am when we get two reluctant kids out of bed, into the bath and on to the meal table. A van picks up Ash at 7.55 am while V drops Mira 15 minutes later. She insists she wants to travel by the 'bus' too (the van is as huge as a bus). She doesnt want to go to school. Yesterday she wanted to go see 'the lion' and today she wanted to meet 'the elephant'. Strange fancies early in the morning!


Anonymous said…
heeeeee, sounds like fun.. glad i don't have to iron uniforms on top of everything.
see if u can find humor in situation and laugh instead of scream.. though i may rant..
take care
Romila said…
I need to learn from you how u manage to wake up ur kids at 7 a.m and still manage to rush them off aby 7.55-8.10. My daughter wakes up around 6.45-7 and her school van comes at 8.45 but...but... I still find myself searcing for her hair comb at 8.45:)while the van driver honks.
Anonymous said…
:)thank you. You make me feel like a superwoman. Of course, I do it with a lot of help from hubby and occasional help from the maid. Luckily for the maid, the kids insist that their parents brush, bathe and feed them. But at least with her around, I dont have to worry about the cooking part :0
K 3 said…
LOL at the whts teacher's name comment!!! mornings are such fun ... arent they! :D

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