Random shots

Poori-potato masala at Saravana Bhavan.
Saravana is almost always crowded, and we made the mistake of going on Sunday night when most people after their weekend shopping or a movie eat out. Had to wait a good 20 minutes to get a table for 4 and by then our tummies were growling nastily. But the wait would be worth it, we thought; their sambar in particular is excellent. But on that day we were a disappointed lot. Our masala dosas and their accompanying chutneys were too salty though the kids' pooris looked good enough. The great Madras filter coffee had too much decoction and robbed us of an early sleep that night.

Our little Vamana standing on his father's head, and watching the birds outside early in the morning.


Amos said…
UMMMM.... That poori masala is so attrative... I shall visit Dubai Saravana Bhavan this weekend to have that..........AM
ush said…
hi..bhoo..u..had to put that pic and make our mouths water.. oh..its breakfast time here...who is going to make that for me..........!
hope u all enjoyed.. where is dosa?my u did send that to us... grrr!
have a great day
Lijy said…
That's quite a picture... ash has got the perfect place to stand on. And achachan doesn't seem to notice the extra weight on his head.
Romila said…
That lil' Vamana picture is just awesome, esp with the shadowy effect.
Ladybird said…
:) Ash was happily stnding there for a while when V called me to click the shot. The shadow helped to hide his oil-massaged, clothless body.

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