Forgetting myself

Sometimes I suspect that medical reimbursements are the reason why we visit the hospital so often. As my mother would say, for the flimsiest reasons. And coming from a family where we thrived on over-the-counter drugs for colds and minor food poisoning or homemade remedies, I find I am visiting the hospital too often. In my childhood, I was admitted to the hospital only once. Other than that, I would have seen the doctor only a dozen times in all those years.

For a while, V has been advising me to see a dr about my increasing forgetfulness. And I imagined myself drifting to a Mohanlal-like Alzheimer state (Tanmatra, though I havent seen the movie yet) in the near future. So I booked an appointment for the neurologist some time back - only, I forgot all about the appointment and didnt go the first time round! So I booked again and went (making a note of it in my mobile), and he asked me one major incident in which I forgot. I couldnt remember. So he prescribed an EEG and a scan.

I had the EEG today, and the technician tells me it is normal. One good thing that came of it was that I had a nice short nap while little nodes glued to my forehead and head mapped my brain. She asked me to close my eyes, then breathe in and breathe out and in a couple of minutes I was snoring away. The friendly, motherly technician smiled at me and asked me as I got up if I had a good sleep.

I guess what I need is good sleep, not chasing my shadows.


ush said…
hi, how true we all need good sleep/rest and less running to DR
... i had a Ultra sound Appt late in blog checking..
sat another appt for physical
take care

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