Tomato rasam

I am increasingly tempted to do a few culinary recipes for the blog, considering the hits the few recipes I have listed generate. Just yesterday, my sister-in-law wanted the recipe of the great Madras Tomato Rasam that my Tamilian maid taught me. So here it is:

Take half a litre of potable water in a bowl.

Add 2 teaspoons of Rasam powder (I use Sakti rasam powder) into it . You wouldnt need to add turmeric and asafoetida powder since the Rasam mix you buy from the shops have it. But if you are particular, you may add a bit.

Add 1/2 tsp pepper powder, a small ball of tamarind and 2-3 pods of slightly crushed garlic.

Take 2 ripe tomatoes and slice/mash them well and add to the solution above!

Take a small bunch of coriander leaves and cut/chop them. Add it to the above.

Add salt as per taste. Keep aside.

Now for the seasoning! Heat 2 tsp oil in a pan. Crackle mustard; add 3-4 dry red chillies and curry leaves. Pour in the rasam solution prepared earlier.

And just as it begins to boil (when the bubbles start forming), take it off the fire.

Can be had with rice or even alone - what is otherwise called the mulligatawny (mulagu tanni or chilli water) soup.

p.s. But I always got the maid to make it for that very Tam flavour for the rasam. I tell you, it tastes heavenly when taken hot.

Not recommended for the faint-hearted or those with sensitive intestines.


dreamrunner said…
awesome. cant wait for the rasam!
i suppose you guys miss kala's rasam now that she doesnt work for you?
Anonymous said…
hi, rosh, u never,mention to put water etc first to boil..u say end keep it aside then when it comes to boil,,put mustard seasoning.
...i boil first tomatoes etc,then the crushed garlic pepper....
they put tam whole..?don't u put that tamarinds soaked water alone..!
pepper we crush whole..try that also try putting drumstick leaves etc too
should try this version next time..sounds easier!
take care ust
Anonymous said…
NO BOILING. It spoils the taste, the maid says. She used to get upset when I let it boil :)
You just mix everything into this water and then get the seasoning done and pour in the mix. The tamarind can be mixed well into this water or u can just take the juice of it and add it to the water.
Try this - it is easy and tastes good too.
The other Tam cook I had also made it the same way, so it must be an authentic recipe :)
Give or take a little - my measurements are only a rough estimate. Use your wits :)
ush said…
hi, so u mix everything.. and just add seasoning.. no fire use..for the liquid..
i think i will stick to boil.. or else tomato/tamrind.. with out boil, i don't think my kids can touch.. allergy stuff..not good for ezcema..
anyway make it rarely..what i make usually comes ok...but this rec is easy..tempted to try..should ask b..?

Anonymous said…
Thanks, Its great to have the recipie on your blog. Now everytime I think I've forgotten how to make it, I can get a quick reference.

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