Rising from the ashes

Ash had his third tryst with his new dermatologist yesterday at Apollo. His skin condition had worsened so much that we were back to applying oil instead of all the fancy creams. His whole body was full of bruises and scars from frequent itching and scratching.

The doctor has changed his medicines and ointments - Elovera cream (which has Vit E and Aloe vera) to be applied twice a day, Flutibact ointment which I suppose will manage the itching, T-bact to be applied in his nose area at night to prevent bacteria coming out of his body (!!) and of course this bacteria-manager called Enterogermina, imported from Italy and costs Rs.34 a vial (it tastes like water but Ash calls it juice) to be consumed once a day. Mira's peadiatrician had also prescribed the vials for her latest episode of infection. Looks like it is the new favorite of doctors, but I dunno how the economically weaker sections can afford to buy them.
I know the medicine details wont interest many of you reading this blog, but I am doing it for those who google for info on ointments and medicines for eczema.

Ash will also not be going to Kerala now. The activity sessions that Ash attends to improve his attention span cannot afford a break now. He need to do it at a stretch for 3-6 months. We have also been asked to help him with a home program on that - throwing balls, wheelbarrow walking (walking on his hands), shape and color sorters, clay making (rather 'Play dough') and so on. We need to cut down TV time, which has not been easy.


Anonymous said…
good luck with everything.
take care ust
Anonymous said…
i'd accidently came across your blog and since been a regular reader. sorry to read about your son's eczema, my son also had the same condition...
from my experience, once eczema gets better the so called ADHD syptoms will gradually vanish .try to cut down all artificial food colourings, flavourings and preservatives and only use 100% cotton clothing and give him plenty of water (not fruit juices) .we live in UK and my son's eczema used to get better in kerala (BTW i'm also from pta).
take care
Amos said…
Rosh why dont you try Olive Oil. It has a lot of medicinal qualities and feel may be it should do the trick.... but consult a doc....AM
Ladybird said…
Hi, thanks! I was wondering who this new reader from Oxford was, while checking sitemeter. I was impressed that the person had spent extremely long hrs reading my blog. Thank you. I am honored!

Yes, Miller. We havebeen applying olive oil as it smoothens skin but when we checked with the derm. he said we apply coconut oil instead. The bond between malayalis and coconut oil is sacred, i say!
Anonymous said…
Hope it all works out! It sounds like you definitely have your hands full.

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