Cricket fever

Chennai is breathing cricket and the boss asked me casually if I didnt want a pass/ticket to the India-SA match. I said I wouldnt mind a pass for Saturday for V. I prefer to watch on TV if I have to follow the match. Another senior colleague has also offered a pass, which I had declined initially. I have gone once, I think it was the last day of the India-Australia match in 2001 which India won. From where I sat I could only see only Kumble and Shane Warne (my Aussie penpal wanted to know if I sat close enuf to spit on his face!!). A friendly chap from the workplace enlightened me as to where Sachin stood. That was the closest I got to see of Tendulkar in flesh and blood.
But it is fun to be at the stadium for the ambience - all the drumming, whistling, the painted faces etc. etc. As far as I am concerned, once is enough.


Anonymous said…
hi, hee hee.. went to a baseball match here once.. yeah beat the crowd best is home!
maybe u should take binoculars..and start not only watching match..the others painted faces..heee.. Ash may enjoy..!hope all better.
so did you manage to get two passes?? cheers!!
me got just one ;(
Ladybird said…
Two in bush, none in hand :)

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