Coughing up solutions

Having two small children means that one is forever making trips to the hospital - the OP section mainly. Today was one such. Mira who had a barking dry cough, a remnant of the fever (V says I passed it to her, coming home as I do with infections acquired from bus and auto commutes), had to be taken to hospital in the morning.

We took a walk-in appointment and got to see the doctor 4th in line. The dr said it looked like bronchitis and needed 2 nebulisations apart from blood tests and xrays. Her weight has gone down from 11.1 kg to 10.9 kg in 4 days while her height was recorded at 86 cm, 3 cm below the average/normal. But we are all shorties, so I dont think she is going to be very tall.

I guess it has got to living in a polluted city - most little kids here have wheezing. We were a bit surprised initially since neither of us have any family history of asthma. But now we know that whenever the kids have fever, a wheeze follows. Ash, of course, because of his skin problem.

The dr as usual enquired about 'Daniel' (Ash) apart from our Easter celebration and the recession in the IT field, when he learnt that V worked for one. He told us that a break to Kerala would do Ash good as there is nothing that can help him as much as doting grandparents - instead of a maid who keeps him engaged in front of the TV.

But V is not convinced - he wants Ash to continue his sessions at Pebbles. He tells me that it might do me good too to take therapy for my inattentive manners! I just switch off midway through conversations with people.


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