A season of birthdays

... and parties.
On Sunday, we took part in two birthday celebrations. One of V's (11-yr-old) niece who had come down from Ooty with her parents, and secondly of a blogger friend's son. The former involved a cake-cutting at our place, and the latter a gala party on the terrace of our friend's flat.
The kids had fun at both, and were happy to have a lot of their peers around them for a change. I had fun too, especially as I got a good deal of time to chat with the kids's peadiatrician and his pathologist wife, who had made a surprise visit to the party with their teenaged son. I guess doctors too feel so lonely at the top and wouldnt mind interaction with their patients and their parents - the 10 minute allotted for each kid-patient at the hospital is not enough for such personal relationships.


Lijy said…
Hmmm!!! i think i have seen that female somewhere.

Anyways, hope u had a nice time.
Ladybird said…
Yeah, u should look in the mirror more often!
I particularly liked the picture because of the cross in the distance.

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