New maid

My mom is in town. She landed yesterday with a maid in tow. In fact that was the main reason she came. My dad, who hasnt missed any of Ash's birthdays so far, decided to cancel his ticket in favour of hers as he didnt want to accompany a young maid in the train.

The new maid is in her mid-30s, has a drunkard husband and a teenaged daughter, and goes by the name of Kochumol (little girl). I am in a dilemma as to what to call her since that is a pet name we reserve for our daughters/nieces and not maids! I cant chechify her either, so I just have to call her her only name I guess.

The first day was a bit unsettling for her since we had an army of guests from Ooty - though I prepared the breakfast, she had to do a good part of the lunch. Her cooking is pretty good, so that is a comfort for us - though it means we are back to our Kerala dishes with an overdose of coconuts in all forms and shapes.

The kids for their part have warmed up to her and calls her ammamma. I hope they wont mind being alone with her in the house, once my mom leaves on the 28th.

She needs to show more involvement in babycare as right now she seems more interested in reading the newspaper and watching soaps on TV. And until she is trained and settles down, I cant rest.


Jules said…
I an HUGELY impressed. You get a MAID. Wow! Maid is actually my middle name, right after mummyIneeditnow!!!!! :)

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