Ash turns 4

Ash cut a "car" cake (since we couldn't find an aeroplane cake) in the evening in the presence of a his grandma and a few colleagues of V. This is the first time his maternal granny, who generally comes only in times of crisis, is attending a birthday celebration of the kids.

Ash looked good in traditional attire and sandals. He is always excited about birthday cakes though he is not much of a cake eater. He is more interested in licking the cream over the cake.

p.s. There was no birthday feast since we had been generously provided with the previous day's party food by our friend - and which has lasted us a good three days!


Anonymous said…
happy birthday ash..hope u had a great day..wihing u the best in health and happiness. God bless.
Enjoy the cake.
dreamrunner said…
Happy birthday too! Will call after i finish this project proposal tonight!
Romila said…
Hey! Happy bday to Ash. I missed this. The bday cake looks v inviting. Hmm!

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