Mobile relief

The mobile has become a handy tool for killing boredom and fighting loneliness - SMSing or chatting on the phone can help you gulp down a cup of tea on a lonely bench in a male-dominated canteen. Or deleting messages from a full inbox. Or deleting unwanted numbers.

Unwanted numbers? That is something peculiar to parents of little, meddlesome brats. I open my Contacts list today and there are a dozen or more such unwanted numbers.
############# Here is a sample number.
11114441111111111111111 Here is another.
***77777 yet another.
Some even have names entered - such as "".. or aaa.

The first entry in the Contacts list even has to be prepared for calls at unseemly hours. Such as 12 midnight on a day you go to sleep early hoping to go for the early morning mass at church. Luckily for me, she is a very sporty pal and didnt mind the intrusion.

These are havocs caused whenever I keep my cellphone unlocked or unlock it for Ash because he wants to hear a recorded "London Bridge is falling down" by Mira. Or himself sing "This old man..."

But there are times when I can thank my son for giving me something to do when I have nothing better to do.


Unknown said…
yes it's amazing how much entertainment a mobile phone can provide, if really pushed!

I always sneakily change the ring tone on my husband's mobile and then when it starts ringing out a very embarrassing tune, he has no idea it's him, like on a crowded bus or something. cruel!
Ladybird said…
:) I know. As it is, half a dozen other people around you having the same ringtone, you are not sure whose phone is ringing.
hey, make sure you catch us up for lunch or tea....that would be better than phone pushing!
Joyismygoal said…
cute post kids are so fun i have had my 2 year odl and 8 year old nephews for a week it has been soooooo busy
Romila said…
:)just yesterday , my daughter fiddling with my phone accidentally sent off a msg from my outbox to a male fren at 11p.m. The msg was "Do come over". Of course,I hurridly smsed him about the error.

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