Relative fun

On Sunday we had guests from Bangalore - V's brother and family. Ash was particularly thrilled that his favorite uncle and cousin were coming. The cousins vibe well as they are the same age - Minu is just three months younger to Ash.
Mira however clung to her parents for a long while and refused to come out of her shell. While on a moonlit night at the Marina beach, Ash and Minu let the waves - the sea was turbulent as it has been these past two weeks, and the waves often rose up high on the beach - wash their feet and played in the sand. If you wonder why we go to the Marina so often, I must say that it is Chennaites' prime source of entertainment and outing. And for sea-lovers, nothing like the sea on a full moon night.
Topped it with mutton biriyani and soraputtu (a shark delicacy) at Anjappar, a Chettinad restaurant on RK Salai. Mira got a high chair though she jumped off to my lap by the time the food came. It was too lonely on a high chair at the head of the table.


beach and moonlight...its damn envious!!
I also wanted to come to the beach but my friends wanted to watch a film.
cheers!! glad you had a great weekend. And I seem to also feel now that there are more pics of mira than ash. Accepted that she is a doll, but you need to feature the tom boy a bit more!
Ladybird said…
But there are 2 pics of him and 2 of Mira in the collage.
Actually I am waiting for him to look presentable - not emaciated like a Somalian kid - before I post more pics of him.
Hey....ash is sure looking fine.
A bit lean but loads of you really want to see somalian pics, they are honestly depressing. I dont want to put any of them in this copy of mine. ;(
Ladybird said…
didnt realise u were doing a somalia story when i wrote that. anyway, quite a coincidence. :)
Anonymous said…
hi, nice pics. good u get to go and enjoy the beach so often.
take care ust

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