Blighted dream
I was reading this article in the latest issue of Tehelka and could empathise with the author. I had felt pretty much the same in December 2000, when I had a missed abortion or blighted ovum. It had been a major shock and disappointment to know that the two-month-old pregnancy was a non-existent one. It was probably caused because I was suffering from a mild typhoid or maybe it was just a quirk of fate.
V had taken me for a Malayalam movie, Joker, to help me relax after we were told by the sonologist that the foetus couldnt be saved - no heartbeat, nothing.
But I still feel a lil sad when I think of that baby I lost, who if she was born in June 2001, would have been 6 years old now... I always felt it was a girl.
On a lighter note, I am reminded of V's reaction when a nurse queried about the sex of the baby - she only knew I was admitted for an operation and assumed I was in labour. V told her that we had donated the baby to the doctor. When the nurse looked at him in wonder, he explained that it was a D&C (the remnants of the womb had gone for testing) !


Joyismygoal said…
Sad I hope you are well i have missed visiting.
Ladybird said…
Welcome aboard! Missed u for so long. Hope ur PC is working again.
Romila said…
Maybe, God needs her more than you do.

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