Comedy of terrors, Act 1, Sc. 5

(The Boy is in the parlour, eating a bowl of icecream and watching TV. The Girl is eating her share. The papa decides to test the Boy's love for him and for the icecream.)
Papa: Can I taste your ice cream?
Boy: No, you ask the girl.
Papa (going over to the girl): Can Appa have one spoon of your ice cream?
Girl (half hesitant, lets him taste): Now dont come for more.
Boy (meanwhile licks his bowl clean, states): I want some more.
Mama: No more. You will puke.
(A tantrum follows, and the Boy gets an extra serving. The girl gets an extra helping too, as a result.)

(The Boy and the Girl are out on a stroll with their parents. Stopping at the local provision store, the Boy demands a packet of Lays. Both get a packet each and start munching, dropping a few in the process.)
Papa (to the Boy): Can have one of your salted potato chips?
Boy (reluctantly parting with one): Here. Now dont ask for more. You will puke.


hee, hee....keep them coming!!
Joyismygoal said…
they learn all we do and say:>

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