We celebrated Passover yesterday evening, Roman Catholic style thanks to the maid. She made a special 'milk' - made with coconut milk, jaggery, jeera, and plantain (which is the white ball-like stuff in the milk) - and steamed rice cake, without yeast. The cross on the cake, our unleavened bread, is made from the tender palm leaf we got from church on Palm Sunday. One has to dip the bread/hot cross bun in the milk and have it after a reading of the Bible. Since we didnt know wehre to procure cross buns in Chennai city, we made do with dear old 'Modern' buns.
It was my first such experience, since we Syrian Orthodox Christians do not have such rituals. We just make vattayappam (rice cake) in the morning.
Ash thought it was another b'day celebration when V cut the appam, and he started humming "happy birthday..."
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Looks good. Priya says her Mom also makes the same thing for Monty Thursday.

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