Holy Christ!

Good Friday mass at church was the regular doubly pious affair, with about 500 (or 1000?) faithful in attendance. You wouldnt believe that the city had so many Malayalis, and this is the scene at the two dozen or more Kerala churches in Chennai. While Catholics and CSIs attend the Tamil churches, the rest of the indigenous Church tribes from Kerala - Orthodox, Jacobite, Marthomite, Chaldeans and so on - have our own churches in the metro.
The mass and the ensuing late lunch is a massive effort on the part of the Church authorities and volunteers. There were 12 counters serving kanji-payar-papad-pickle this year - 6 for men and 6 for women, of which one each was reserved for Senior Citizens of both sexes. Senior citizens are a newly emerging reality in official India, be it in trains or in churhces.
I went alone this year, for the post-noon session of the service. With V out of action, I dont think I will be attending the early dawn Easter mass this year. But the feasting wont be compromised on.


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