Pi chart

Went for Life of Pi at last. Just me and the kids, who had to bunk school for the purpose yesterday. It didnt matter that we had to sit in the third row from the front near the wall. Surprisingly, it was running house full on a week day, and that too over 2 months after it was released.
The kids enjoyed the drama though they didnt get the philosophy of it. 
Great visual effects and a good attempt to explain India's religions and their seamless existence in the protagonist's mind. 


prem said…
What a great Mom - Kids bunking school - Mom taking them for a movie.

Amma endru sonnal ippidi allava irukavendum.
ush said…
I liked Prem's comment..
Really.. u made them bunk to go to movie!
Ladybird said…
@ Prem: You dont have to keep patting me on the back like this! It is bad for my ego though there are times when I feel so lousy that I could do with some praise.
I want to be able to do fun things with them. As Marquez says, you develop a friendship with ur children in the process. Much of our generation did not get it, at least we should be able to do it for our kids.
Ladybird said…
@ Usha: They didnt miss much. Now school is just half day in the afternoon because of the +2 exam. And that day it was a particularly easy one with Craft, PT etc.
Sunita said…
Hi Dear Ladybird :)

I completely concur with you. We must do fun things onec in a while and develop friendship. It comes in handy when they turn teeagers.

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