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Our Braveheart

The Passion Week began with Ash watching The Passion of Christ with a passion and courage strange in a little boy. I had procured the DVD sometime back to view it but never found the time to sit and view it. Ash watched it along with my dad, when he came here last.
And on this Palm Sunday - after V reneged on his promise to take Ash and the rest of us for the morning mass - he expressed an interest in watching the DVD again. While I couldnt bear to view some of the scenes I got to see before I went out with Mira, Ash watched the whole thing devotedly - in his words, until Jesus was crucified and put in the coffin. V, who cannot bear to see such violence, kept away and marvelled at Ash's mental strength.
In the late evening, V took us all to the evening service at church. It was nice and calm since there werent many people around. We partook of the ginger coffee, and got some positive reviews of the prayer meeting (there sits Mira on chairs stacked up for the programme) and dinner …

Experiments with colour

Painting the house green, blue and pink this weekend courtesy Asian Paints. The kids' room have green and blue (on one wall), ours purple and pink (yet to be done), and the living room cream, yellowish green and some shade of pink from Dulux Paints. The trend is to have one wall in a dark, contrast color. Some go for different colours for each wall :)However, to our dismay the Golden Apple yellow we chose for the living cum dining turned out too bright and deep, and we had to do some damage control today by mixing more of white and making it off-white in the process. As the painter men said, colours turn out one shade darker than what the color palette says. The kids, who we unsuccesfully tried to keep in the bedroom that was spared for now, kept coming out to watch the romance of the walls with the brushes and rollers. They are happy that the house is looking new again, and have shelved demands for a new house. As if buying a new house was as easy as changing a tooth brush!

Home alone

I am trying out something new - leaving the kids alone in the house for short, say 10-minute, durations. The first experiment was done last Saturday - between the time I left for work and the time V could make it home after getting stuck at a traffic junction. I left explicit orders not to open the door if anyone rang the bell since V had a key to the house and would open it himself. They did express some fear in being alone, so I switched on the TV and gave some papers to Ash to draw something. My only worry was Mira bullying/picking up fights with her brother, a favorite pastime of hers these days.
Today I tried it again - the interrugnum between my departure and our partime maid Kala's arrival. Hardly 5-10 minutes, but after I left I worried if I had switched the heater off and if they would lock themselves in accidentally. I latched the kitchen door and told them not to go in there. Ash was happy with his books and Mira with the TV, and there were no casualties.
If Ash had been …

Meeting a collodion baby

We often tend to think that our hardships are the worst. Ashwin's ill-health in the past two years have often made us wonder why God lets us suffer so. But yesterday at CMC, I saw a 3 1/2-year-old boy with very severe erythroderma, and it made me feel our suffering was nothing in comparison to that family's. Just looking at the child made our eyes well up and our hearts heavy.
Ash had a morning appointment with the endocrinologist, but since we were told that it might materialise only in the evening, we finished an impromptu appointment with his dermatologist - who thought he looked much better, and suggested some new creams and ointments for him. We also got to meet his friend the nurse, who presented him a coffee mug. After lunch, we returned to the crowded waiting area of peadiatric endocrinology.
V suggested that I sit in the waiting area outside which was less crowded since he didnt want the children catching any new infection. The only place available was near a mother and…

Maid maze

This one week, Ash and Mira have had trouble remembering the names of the nannies and would-be nannies expressing an interest in looking after them.
On Monday, we had old faithful Kala's sister-in-law Kalaivani reporting to work in the evening. Since she was supposed to join duty in the morning and did not make her appearance until 11 am, I had to take leave. Some communication gap. I advised the kids to call her Vani-amma since we already had a Kala-amma. She was soft and sweet with the kids, and made us a dinner of rotis and broccoli. The next day, a full day from 9-7 pm with only a short lunch break at her home, was probably taxing for her and she didnt appear the day after. Her husband informed me that her mother had taken ill and she would return to work on Saturday. Today he told she would return only on Monday, and we could look for a substitute.
So on Wednesday and Thursday, Kala took responsibility for her truant sil and helped us out in the evening hours after school. Sinc…


On a particularly miserable and maddening day, yesterday, I got this message from a person I had formed a friendship with last year. (Thanks to the blog, I have made a few sweet friends from various parts of the globe - people I have never seen but who have become a part of my virtual world and real world too.) R***, You are in the dedication to my master thesis (a collection of poems) and I also dedicate a couple of poems to you :)
Thank you for your e-friendship! :)
Much love,

And I said: Oh! I am really honoured. I dont think I did anything much but I am glad if you found me of help. And she replied: You are one of the few who have the courage to blog about real life. I seek to describe this notion of "real" in my poetry--anything I feel or observe while both in India and America. So thank you for allowing your heart to lead :) Much love!

Well, actually I dont pour my heart out - I will need another private blog for that :) This is just a slice of my life dealing with my kids…