A rare case

Ash is getting admitted in hospital today. His lead in blood is still cause for concern (though not as high as the earlier value) and warrants hospitalisation. The main doctor at SMF says that he hasnt seen a lead case in 10 years while the younger ones havent seen any at all. Most of the pharmacies also dont seem to have the medicines for chelation and the doctors are waiting for a couple of them to get back with what they have.

Hoping for the best, and hoping for your best wishes and prayers.

Until I get back, bye.


Anonymous said…
our prayers are always with you * family
Ash baby will get well soon...
love and best regards to all of you
take care
Ladybird said…
Thank u! He is at his active best right now. He ran up and down the ramp some 50 times while we waited for admission to the ward/room. :D
Anonymous said…
Oh, more well wishes and prayers for your little guy. How scary for you, hopefully they can help clear this all out so that his life can ge back to normal again.

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