Light of my life

My daughter listens to the Taare Zamin Par CD quite often. She is particularly fond of Bum bum bole.

She giggles as Shankar Mahadevan reaches the Man ke andheron ko roshan sa kar dein (Fill the darkness in my heart with light) line in the title song. She knows it has something to do with her mother's name and repeats the word.

p.s. I hope I got the Hindi lines and the translation right. In spite of having studied Hindi until II B.A., my spoken Hindi is pretty pathetic.


Ash misses us sorely in the night. He starts sobbing, and his granpa ends up taking him for a walk at 11.30 in the night to cheer him up.


Lijy said…
so sad... he must be really missing you all very much.
Hope he gets better soon.

BY the way, I have tagged you, so when u get time, just have a look.
Ladybird said…
Thank you for tagging. I have nothing interesting to write abt these days.
Anonymous said…
take care enjoy the light,life..
hope`Ash gets well soon and can come home,
Tall Man said…
I was wondering who is this being sooo authentic abt chandanapally. I used to read this blog till a couple of months. last 5-6 months i cud not read this blog. Even I asked adv babuji koshy who this person was.
After reading this post O undrstood who this is. Good work...wonderful. keep it up.
Children are always your inspiration. My younger one has challenged me...He asked me what i wud give him if he gets first rank for onam exam...3 rd standard boy.
I offerd him an Ipod, in reply he wanted me to quit smoking. Stunned. I never smoke in front of my children...Still...

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