Sugar n' spice

"So you have decided to live!" remarked my hubby when he saw me return from my morning walk around the colony. Mind you, that came from someone who was just waking up at 8 am. But he has an excuse. It is he who tends - massaging oils and ointments - to a very itchy Ash much of the night. I must have mentioned already that I make a bad mother. It is a boon for me that Ash prefers his dad to attend on him except on occasions when he takes a fancy to me.

Well, returning to the living part... It was a follow-up of an outburst I encountered yesterday when I told V that my GTT (glucose tolerance test) results showed an Impaired Glucose Tolerance. Simply put, I am in a pre-diabetic stage but if I am careful with my diet I can continue to be so until I am 60. It is ok to go diabetic at 60 and then live with it for 20 years, the doctor here told me yesterday. But he doesnt want me getting diabetic at my age and getting complications related to kidney, vision etc. And for this, I have to reduce weight, exercise (brisk walk) and follow a strict diet - starting with, no sugar in my tea. Ugh! Right now, I have reduced the sugar intake to 1/4 teaspoon from 1 tsp in the tea. And I dont like those sweetener pills.

Early onset of diabetes was an ominous prediction from my diabetologist Dr. Deepak, who I had taken an intense dislike to, during my gestational diabetes when I was expecting Mira. I hated him for putting me on insulin pens but now I worry I didnt do enough for my daughter then. For Ash, I was only on diet and never monitored my blood glucose levels on the glucometer like I did the 2nd time round, so I worry about him more.

The doctor here tells me that the post-partum Ayurvedic care I endured in Kerala could have triggered the IGT. And I had thrown all caution to the winds when I feasted on icecreams and 5-stars and all other sweets that came my children's way.

I hope I can maintain my resolve to go on a low-sugar, low-fat, low-salt diet. And I cant stomach the fact that V has everything within the normal limits. How I wish I wouldnt inherit diabetes mellitus as a family heirloom!


dreamrunner said…
Take care! I need to as well. I do a bit of running when I go to Liberia, but in the cold weather here, i find it too tough to even go out for a walk. Hopefully, summer should make me a bit more active.

Nothing like excercise to stay healthy.
Romila said…
Take care, mom of two-for yourself and for the two lil' ones. I am sure you'll be allright if you follow the doctor's prescriptions of wt reduction, low sugar diet, etc.

I wish my hubby is half as cooperative as yours. Lucky You!

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