New year sightings

Today is Vishu, the Malayalam new year and the first thing I got to see in the morning as vishukkani (auspicious sighting) was the maid's behind! I also forgot to tell the maid to cook something nice and special.

Today is also the birth anniversary of Ambedkar, the Dalit architect of our Constitution. The Ambedkar statue near my colony seems to have got a fresh blue coat of paint and a floral garland. Ash knows the names of the two statues - of Ambedkar and Gandhiji - close to our house and names them each time he passes that way.

The best part of yesterday was spent in the church - first the Mass and then a wedding service, which we were invited to. Met a few old faces at the reception including the tall and handsome octagenarian Mr. Eapen, who ran the church hostel I stayed in before marriage. He still runs it though he looks frail now. The hostel run in his house, with girls packed like fish in each room, had mostly students of Stella and CA aspirants who came for short-term tutions. Having them was profitable for him since they paid the mandatory non-refundable admission fees apart from mess fee. The food was pretty decent especially in the initial days I was there.


ush said…
hi, so how was the weddng..
what no pathu saree/ or
come on..
hope u had good food.. no photo of make our mouth water
I just caught up and read your April posts i have missed interacting w/ you i hope you are all well i am crabby ,forgetful and full of hot flashes for the last 6 weeks I just got a hormone spray and i am a little better
tell me about your daughter's shaved head?
Ladybird said…
Usha: No photos, as i didnt take the cam along. NOr did i wear a pattusari - just a sambalpuri cotton, much to v's irritation. Well, he wasnt sure whether I shld attend too, which is why I didnt got for a silk one. The bride and groom looked good but the lunch got really late, past 2.15 pm, thanks to the traffic hassles and a late cake-cutting etc. Food was good - appam-stew, mutton biryani and accompaniments, and icecream and jilebi for dessert :-)
Marcia: i check ur posts on Google reader which is why i fail to comment. Sorry to hear that u are not keeping well. Take care.
My daughter's tonsure was one of the kind recommended for 1-yr-olds so that they get thicker and better (in her case, not too curly like mine). Since it came immediately after a fever, it did her good especially with the prickly heat rashes that come in summer. The sandal which we applied only on the first day is supposed to cool the head and heal any shaving accidents.

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