My Beanie gal

As a salesman enlightened V about the various airconditioners in the showroom, me and Mira sauntered off to look at the other consumer durables on display. The soaring temperatures had made V decide to exchange our non-functioning 6-yr-old Hitachi Ac for a new one. In fact, he was at last willing to stop championing the high-priced but value-for-money Hitachi for a cheaper and equally durable model - because in Chennai's weather, long hours of usage and the proximity of our toxic, dead river Cooum, no AC will last over 5 years, inform AC salesmen and technicians.

I first checked out the top-loading washing machines, since that it next in my To Buy lists - not because I like clothes washed in them (I prefer clothes washed by hand, if done well) but because they might come in useful in an emergency - such as when a maid leaves on short notice (like my partimer who left in a huff after the new maid came).

I then walked over to the front-loading machines, and Mira asked me, "amma, ithenna?" I replied: Washing machine, baby. And she repeated: Washing machine! Mr. Bean!

She has watched many a times Mr. Bean putting his clothes for washing and its humorous aftermath, on Pogo TV!

p.s. We finally went for a Samsung AC, making us a near-complete Samsung family. Most of our household equipments are Samsung. And had a "bio-sleep" yesterday night. :)


Anonymous said…
hi, enjoy the new one.. take care

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