The day after

Gifts from V on my birthday yesterday, a blackforest cake and a Tussar silk sari. Something of an atonement for his usual forgetfulness about birthdays - mine and the kids' - and our wedding anniversary.

I had fancied this sari a month back when I had gone sari-hunting for my mom with my brother but I dont know if V knew that. Anyway I decided to forgive him for shouting at me for calling up home on Saturday afternoon when the kids had just gone to sleep - and I woke them up with the phone bell!

Ash was particularly excited about the cake - he relishes this cake-cutting business and fetched a candle shaped like a '2' (from Mira's last bday). Both of them enjoyed the cake too though they are not too fond of cakes.

Now we have to plan for Ash' birthday on the 25th and an interesting cake for him. My dad is coming down to see his favorite grandchild.


Anonymous said…
Happy birthday, girlie! Mira looks thrilled to be eating your cake.
Ladybird said…
Hi, thanks. Yeah, both were excited about the cherries atop the cake. Mira has just gotten up from sleep, so she looks a bit dull.
Anonymous said…
hi,beautiful saree.. sharon says nice too.... great.. good for u.. have a great time
Lijy said…
hey, belated birthday wishes. We remembered u at the prayer meeting on Sat.Hope u had a nice time.
Joyismygoal said…
Oh wow happy Birthday i hope it was fun the cake looks awesome--the sari is so lovely as was mira 's dress the circus makes me sad as an adult too for the lack of mystique
Ladybird said…
Lijy, thanks. yeah the prayer secretary called home to wish me and V had to say i was away at work!
M: thanks!!! I love blackforest cakes.
Anonymous said…
great gifts from V.
thanks for getting us cake too~!
so when are you wearing the sari??
we could all give you company some day!

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