Xmas tree

We got an apology of an Xmas tree this year, for the first time. This should serve us till the kids are old enough to suffer a bigger one on the floor. That is, if this one doesnt get ripped apart in a week's time!

I need to get a few more decorations for the tree. The shop we got the tree from didnt have much of a choice. Landmark would be the best place to scout for Xmas decorations, though most stuff without a listed price/MRP on it are priced at 2-3 times their real cost at the swank shop. But then these are only a one-time investment. That little star under the chandelier has been making an annual appearance for the past two years.

Ash was all excited to see the tree and bells when he woke up after a late evening nap. He particularly loved the little Santa soft toy we got and calls him Jingle Bells.

See that T mark on his forehead? That is not a birth mark - just accidents around the house!


hee, hee....nice to see ash around more and also the xmas tree.
I feel like breaking into a jingle bells any moment these days....have you considered the store on the don bosco road (bank opp don bosco nxt to bata). It is devoted to xmas decoration throughout the year!!!!
I have been there to buy some starlets and its quite nice.
Anonymous said…
hi, rosh, try t.nagar..local stores too may have tinsels etc
this time not much dec
take care ustx
Romila said…
ah! feels like Christmas already seeing the decorations around your place. I am sure you'll have more photos for us in store post christmas. Do keep it coming.
Ladybird said…
Thanks everybody.
Romila & romila: One of you need to change your name a bit. This is getting too confusing. Romie?

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