"You would qualify for a BP patient," tells the doctor at our welfare centre. "How come you are not on tablets? Are you averse to taking them?"
I look at my BP record in the medical file - 150/100, 150/90, 120/80 (which is not often).
I tell him that no doctor has recommended that I take medicines for my varying blood pressure. He tells me it is high time I went on tablets though today's high recording could be because of an upset tummy. I had gone to him in the first place because I was still nauseous after a minor bout of food poisoining we (me, V and Mira) all had yesterday.
Probably caused by the parotta and assorted beef delicacies we had for dinner on Sunday night after a trip to the beach and Santhome Basilica (unfortunately I forgot to take the camera along, so no pictures of the renovated church and the tomb of St. Thomas. It was an ideal day for shooting pictures as there was no evening mass inside the church but outside. The church looks really grand to me with its wood panelled ceilings though a correspodent here who loves churches rues the renovation. He says the Archaeological Survey of India should have prevented the defacing of the historic church. Anyway I hope I can come back with some good photos of the church another day).
Back to the doctor's room. I confess to the doctor that I had non-veg fare at a restaurant, and he prescribes a non-veg free diet for one week for me (apart from an array of medicines). That's the greatest punishment for a fish-eating, beef-eating Syrian Christian from Kerala.
"Less salt, no pickles, daily walks," he recommends. My daily walks (not mentioning the trek to the bus stop when I am not taking an auto) are limited to once a a week right now.
"Which department do u work?" asks the dr, trying to figure out the source of my tensions.
I tell him I have more tensions at home.
"I have two small children..." I explain, hoping the doctor will understand.
"Come on. Dont say that. Children are a source of pleasure, not tensions. They are a divine pleasure," the dr cuts me short. He tells me he needs to monitor my BP levels for a week before putting me on medication.
My mom began her BP tablets just 6 years back and here I am qualifying to be a BP patient so early. Lifestyle changes, fast food, lack of exercise...


Aaaah...thats bad!
I wont recommend meditation, because I know that needs time!
Anonymous said…
That sucks...i would recommend not taking the medicine...the levels you write can pretty much be controlled by daily walking. The problem is once you start medicines you can't stop them and there are after effects.....don't start them yet.
ush said…
hi, who ever wrote the previous comment is right.. don't take medications.. once u start .. u have other problems too!
b has been putting off medications now for a couple of yrs..
try yoga/exercise..
tensions --come go.. its us who have to try to let it go.. listen to music.. get the kids to /walk/dance/jump/do exercise ..they love it and will show u school exercise too..with that u will enjoy them more.. and they will also get into less trouble.
As a friend said we r getting OLD!!!
by body fat is down 2 %from feb..wgt 6lbs.. thanks to kids /b sick/packing cooking/cleaning.
take care ust.
Romila said…
Wish you well! Do take care of yourself.
Lijy said…
:) hellooooo..
ur blog is just awesome. Its really interesting. The way u put things together and present it is really nice.
Didn’t know about ur BP, do take care of urself. Will see u soon.
*** u r my blog-guru by the way.
Ladybird said…
Hi lijy, I didnt see ur comment till now (8th dec, 12.30 noon). Dunno how i missed it since i usually get a notification of comments in my gmail acct. Anyway, welcome to the blogworld and keep writing.
Romila: thanks. i guess i am too tensed that my bp is going up. Surprising when I didnt have BP for either pregnancies.

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