A multifaceted personality

Ash the artist, keeping himself busy scribbling in a colouring book I got him from a hawker in the train. In the absence of crayons he had to make do with a ballpen. Ash the bookworm, distracted for a minute when I snapped this shot. But it is not often that we get him to sit down quietly at a place.

Ash the student, pretending to do his ABC's at home in Changanacheri, Kerala.
Ash the brat, wriggling himself free from my grasp in a motor boat on the Vembanad lake near Kumarakom.
Ash the athlete, at play in Veegaland, an amusement park near Kochi (Cochin).


Joyismygoal said…
He is very cute:>
Ash looks very cute and energetic....thanks for all the ash pics. Now you can claim to be an impartial blog mum~!

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