Silence of the ...Ewe

The reason why I have been silent on my blog is that I have been exploring quite a few blogs on and stumbled upon this marvellous, bold blog by Pioneer Woman. (Well, men might find it a bit pulpy, what we'd call painkili in my mother tongue). But some great pictures and some useful cooking.
It also made me marvel at the enormous sea of blogs that exist on the net. And I'm a Spiderwoman trying to catch a good blog on the web.
The lambs at home, meanwhile are not silent - they are at their most boisterous and destructive best. I have just resigned myself to seeing my house in a mess and the stuff around broken. Yesterday Ash broke Mira's feeding bowl by aiming a tea strainer at it. Both kids seem to have lousy temper tantrums.
I am going a-shopping. I practise the art of shopping without a penny in my pocket - thanks to my credit card.


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