P for procrastination

Xmas eve
Originally uploaded by roshin.

Ash gets so engrossed in whatever he is doing that he procrastinates the urge to pee until he can hold it no longer. This behaviour has got worse in recent months.
One positive thing I can say is that my 3-year-old has learned to control his bowel/bladder movements. He has even learnt night-time control, with the result that he wakes us up in the night sometimes to take him to the loo.

The moment he feels a s**t coming, he shouts: "Apeeeee" and pulls his shorts more firmly up his anus. He loves sitting on his potty seat over the closet, and doesnt let us wash him until a good 10 minutes - which he spends spraying the entire bathroom using the faucet.

Ash never really used the elementary potty seat much, unlike Mira. As for Mira she is showing less inclination to use the potty these days. She is getting too naughty, much worse than Ash.


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