Looking back in exhaustion

Got in a bit early today so that I can take an hour off in the afternoon to visit the ophthalmologist. V dropped me half way on his way to the Maruti service station - time to service the car.
The man at the reception smiled. He looks like a deity with two huge 10-foot silver lamps on his either side (presented by the employees to the management on the occasion of our organisation acheiving some milestone, I forget which). I wonder why they cant post a pretty female at the reception. Anyway this guy is a lot better than the sour-faced man who (dis)graced that chair for ever so long. The receptionist, I feel, represents the face of the organisation.
Just been too tired and busy to blog. Our production week got over on june 3 but I have been a bit lethargic even after. The kids have not been keeping well and the rest of us at home have been ill too. Everyone in Chennai seems to be coughing and suffering from viral fever. IT is the change in the weather. WE have been getting some rains off and on though it hasnt done much to diminish the heat.
Ash started throwing up last Sunday (28th) on our way to Besant Nagar church. Had to rush back. Incidentally, last year too he had started puking when we were on our way to the same church and had to be admitted for gastro-enteritis.
I took leave on MOnday as maid was sick too and somebody had to take care of the kids. By afternoon, ash started throwing up again and so vin came soon to take him to hospital. We were asked to admit him so that they could start the IV fluids. The boy slept a lot as he was tired. I stayed the night - for the first time leaving Mira alone. Seems she was fine and nudged V in the night for her feed. Ash was discharged the next day evening. BUt he refuses food save for milk even now.
Mira's first two teeth (lower)came out on june 3. She now crawls gingerly on her knees but is more comfortable on her belly. The upper ones will be out anytime now.
The maid and her melodrama continues - seriously thinking of a replacement.


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