My friend in the US, Usha, says they are planting saplings. Which reminds me that I have 2 pots with some withered plants, must root them out and plant something in them. Guess I should wait till summer is over.
The heat is unbearable. Vinod has leave today – May 1, Labour day. For me it is overtime & double pay being a holiday. We just look forward to these paid holidays - we try to work hard on those days if we come to work, the rest of the time we hardly work!
Yesterday we went to Besant Nagar church and beach - a mini Velankanni it is. Got home to find there was a power cut. Came soon after we got in but went again in the night. Guess the overload with all ac’s running in houses is causing it.
Have to start packing for the trip home. We always travel by Third AC ever since kids were born – even in winter. It is so much neater and the crowd too better. Also no office-going commuters occupying our seats in the Kerala stretch of the journey.
Now most people who can afford it take 3rd ac – costs 830 per head till my place, Tvm Mail has replaced its first class coaches with 2-3 third ac coaches. First AC fare is as high as airfare, it is mostly govt dept heads who take it. Now in India too airfares are getting v. cheap with many flight networks coming into play - Kingfisher, GoAir, Jet, Spice Jet etc. Deccan has fares starting from 700 if u book early but you have to pay for meals/drinks.
A guy came to sell vaccum cleaner today, V is planning to buy one now. I am no great fan of vaccums and washing machines, but guess the v.c. will help clean the cushions more effectively.
V is into saving mode ever since Miriam was born. He made the gold dip yesterday being Akshaya Tritiya, an auspicious day for buying gold it seems.


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