Summer & Chennai

Just got in to work after a trip to the bank. So got in 45 min late.
The scheduled banks seems so slow compared to the private ones. Typical white elephants, and modernisation doesnt seem to have done much to improve employees' mentality.
Wanted a cheque book; so I had to wait as the guy who was to stamp the leaves was absconding. With the private banks I bank with, I request for cheque books online. I dont mind if they charge me extra for the service - at least u dont have this hassle of waiting.
Got my insurance moneyback 2nd instalment. With the first instalment 4 years back we had made the Bangkok trip. This time Vin is planning to buy some land somewhere in Kerala. Maybe Kakkanad-Kochi, where an IT park called Smart City will come up soon, so real estate prices/ rents are going up like crazy there.
I think I am getting a headache after walking in the sun. The katthri heat has started in Chennai. Glad I am leaving for Kerala on 6th - not that it is much better there.


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