Festival time is over. Vishu and Easter went past queitly. We went to church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday and got our meals courtesy the church. Kanji-payar-pickle on GF and Appam-mutton stew after easter mass.
The GF meal tastes especially divine because u stay hungry for so long. The mass starts at 9 am and goes on till about 3 p.m and then there is the mad rush to the food stalls after a gulp of choruka, a bitter concoction taken in deference to Christ's last drink (St.Matthew, Ch.27, v.48: And straightway one of them ran, and took a spunge, and filled it with vinegar, and put it on a reed, and gave him to drink). Actually one is supposed to fast on GF, but we had a sumptuous breakfast before leaving.
Didnt take the kids as it is just too hot these days. The church authorities had put up a shamiyana around the whole church compound to keep off the sun and to accommodate the crowd (all Syrian X'ians who play truant attend church on this day, so u have 3 times the usual capacity at church). Since i reached late i had to stand/sit outside and watch the mass on one of the televisions provided outside! That is the plus side of development!

I have donated my mobile to Vinod after he lost his mobile on our way to the beach on Easter Sunday! Dunno if it was stolen from the car at a traffic intersection or if it fell out or if Ash threw it out. Whatever we didn't notice until we alighted at the beach.
Went and checked out some color models. Dunno when he will buy one and return mine...


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