Stars and fans

Looking up and cutting pictures of footballers from magazines and newspapers on son's instructions, mother remembered old times when she had developed an interest in cricket and football. It had all been by fluke _ not from her sport crazy brother and uncle who had to depend on radio commentaries before TV entered our living rooms. Instead it had been through hostel mates who gathered around a small TV in a hall after college and evening tea. For cricket, I had to take lessons from a friend who drew pictures of stumps and pitch and taught me like a teacher in school. Football was easier to grasp though not all the rules. But who cared about that when all that mattered were the handsome Gods on the field and the rumbling from the stands?
Now I try to make sense of defender and centre forward and so on, while son claims he's a very good goal keeper and dreams of a career in football!! Like a typical middle class parent, I tell that's for poor Latin American kids who play on the streets and then make it big in the field; our career choices should be more sober and realistic though less glamorous and money minting.
Some time back...
Son: Did u watch any football when you were young?
Mom: yeah, I did. I watched much of one world cup. ( Must have been 1994)
Son: who was your favourite?
Mom: I liked Italy and some of the Italian players like Baggio and Schillachi.
Son: Oh, what did you like about their game?
Mom: Their looks!  I found them very handsome!
Son: 👿🤔😕😫 (goes away looking cheesed off).


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