Call it an inadvertent tribute to Sridevi on her funeral day, but I finally managed to watch English Vinglish on Youtube today. Turns out to be a lovely movie - the plight of many married women in India. Often well-educated but not working, often ridiculed and treated like a door mat or everyone's slave (unpaid servant). It often takes a stranger or a third party to make the woman love herself or find a way to overcome weaknesses.
Not been a great fan of the actress except for Munram pirai, which I vaguely remember watching. In the college hostel, I often had arguments with a friend about who was more beautiful -- Sridevi or Jayapradha.  My friend was an ardent fan, while I supported the other South Indian beauty. Not that I saw any movies of hers. During a week our warden nun allowed us to run movie CDs in the hostel, I got to watch some Sridevi movies - Chandni, Nagina etc. but I still held on to my theory that Jaya was better. Some years ago, I watched the beautiful Malayalam movie Pranayam, which had Jaya as the heroine.
Today I must concur that Sridevi was a more versatile and talented actress, and I hope to watch MOM, though it sounds a bit like Nayantara's in Puthiya Niyamam.
Movie stars despite the money, fame and glamour lead sad lives in glasshouses. I hope death lets her rest in peace.


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