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Call it an inadvertent tribute to Sridevi on her funeral day, but I finally managed to watch English Vinglish on Youtube today. Turns out to be a lovely movie - the plight of many married women in India. Often well-educated but not working, often ridiculed and treated like a door mat or everyone's slave (unpaid servant). It often takes a stranger or a third party to make the woman love herself or find a way to overcome weaknesses.
Not been a great fan of the actress except for Munram pirai, which I vaguely remember watching. In the college hostel, I often had arguments with a friend about who was more beautiful -- Sridevi or Jayapradha.  My friend was an ardent fan, while I supported the other South Indian beauty. Not that I saw any movies of hers. During a week our warden nun allowed us to run movie CDs in the hostel, I got to watch some Sridevi movies - Chandni, Nagina etc. but I still held on to my theory that Jaya was better. Some years ago, I watched the beautiful Malayalam m…

Losing our heroes

One of the lessons we had in our primary school Malayalam textbook was a leaf out of Letters from a Father to his Daughter, and I think it was something about rivers and sands. As a kid I found the lesson too tough to understand and wondered how the daughter in question _  Indira Gandhi _ understood such profound stuff. The pencil sketch of the daughter is still etched in my memory. And the father who wrote it continues to hold a special place in my heart as the maker of modern independent India.
I grew up respecting and loving all our freedom fighters, and especially the Father of the Nation (though his idiosyncrasies and experiments seem a little weird to me as an adult) and the first Prime Minister.  Maybe the history lessons in school were carefully planned but it was just cursory information and nothing deep. The deeper stuff, Discovery of Truth and Autobiography of an Unknown Indian, came as gifts from dad and which I preserved but didnt read. I was more interested in M&Bs a…