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The children are on the threshold of teenage, so questions of love and friendship abound in their conversations with me. Especially Mira. They were highly tickled to note that uncle had to surmount a few hurdles before he could tie the knot - an inter-state, inter faith alliance. Another uncle has a Jewish American wife. Another just inter-church -- but even that is problematic in a closed society like Kerala's.
What about you, Amma? 
Well, I didnt find anyone I wanted to marry, I answer diplomatically.
But still, you must have had boyfriends? Mira is curious.
Yeah, any male friend is a boyfriend. Nothing wrong there.
She is not satisfied. Her classmates have reached a stage of getting interested in the boys and vice versa.
Next she wants to know if some of my present male friends are my boyfriends.
Well, maybe. I list all the uncles she knows and she goes away pissed off.

But this is not a topic that she will forget easily. The queries multiply. And I give answers that I hope are sat…