Tooth fairy

Yesterday, another of Mira's milk tooth fell. Tooth extraction is a time of great excitement at home among my two kids. It fetches them some money if they keep the tooth under the pillow - a Western custom I promoted in fun initially but now has turned out to be bit of a headache for me. For instead of the shiny coin or small gift (usually dental kit), their expectations have gone up to bigger currency notes.
Mira was already asleep when I reached home after a late shift at work. The maid told me she had kept a note for the tooth fairy. The note read: "Dear tooth fairy, Do you know how old I am? I am six [I think she deliberately subtracted one year fearing 7 yrs and older wouldnt fetch a reward]. Please give me note money." I guess she badly needed the tip to buy something from the school canteen.
The last tooth had won her only a silver chain and pendant, much to her disappointment. Only money matters to this generation, gifts in kind are taken for granted as ever-eager and consumerist parents indulge their wards wantonly.  It wouldnt have got so bad if V hadnt intervened to increase the allowances from the tooth fairy - he once deposited a Rs. 50 note under Ash's pillow, so ever since any gifts from me have failed to make them happy.
Tooth fairy and Santa Claus are such real people for the duo that it will be a big let-down when they find out that it was actually mom who was leaving the gifts under the pillow. By then, hopefully, mom would be their real-life fairy :)


prem said…
They will really love their mom and they are very lucky to have such a mom.
ush said…
Good luck.. Tooth fairy!!!!
Ladybird said…
@ PRem: Thanks for the kind comment. I hope they will :)

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