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Pearls of wisdom

I ask Ash if he has told his teacher or any of his friends about the Kenya trip, and he tells me: No, I didnt. What if they say they want to come along? We dont have the money to take all of them, so I will tell them on the school closing day. Both are terribly excited about the trip, and are asking me if we cant go on the day the school closes. Ash has reconciled himself to the yellow fever vaccination, and explains to Mira the fatal consequences of the disease spread by a big bad mosquito. Mira tells me a friend of hers calls her Medium instead of Miriam! Ash is forever losing his personal belongings in school unlike M. But of late he is becoming a little more careful. So one day, when he returned with a top-chewed pencil I asked him why he did it. He said he had lent it to a classmate who did not bring his pencil and he had chewed it. Will he go to hell for that, Ash asked. 'You dont go to hell for such things. Only if you tell lies, beat people, fight etc.',  I said. Oh, you be…

The passport hurdle

I have been a recent beneficiary of the Indian Foreign Ministry's vision "to deliver passport services to citizens in a timely, transparent, more accessible, reliable manner and in a comfortable environment through streamlined processes and committed, trained and motivated workforce". A part of the vision has been fulfilled but applicants are most often in the dark about certain procedures and musts in the TCS-facilitated process. For one, the site's security certificate. The moment you venture into the site, you are warned to proceed at your own risk. But we here, used to greater risks to our lives though maybe not to our PCs, dare to enter. Once you have created an account, you are welcome to fill the application form online or download and upload it with scanned documents if available. Or you have the choice of submitting them at the PSK after you have taken an appointment. But wait, taking an appointment can be arduous and frustrating especially if you are a tatk…