Marital plans

Apologies for not writing. The reason was that I was busy and when I was not, I was too bored to write anything.
The kids went for a birthday party tonight with their father while the mother 'slogged' (and blogged) at work. Apparently they had a lovely time. It was the first birthday of a neighbour's kid who was born premature.

Now for their gems of thought...
Ash to V: I will marry Vava (Mira) when I grow up.
V: You cant do that. She is your sister.
Ash: But didnt you marry Amma?
V: That is different. You will get someone else to marry and Vava too.
Ash: Oh! Vaava, we will get new people to marry. That means we will have two more people to play with!


ush said…
my regards to kids.

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