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Movie time

The rains have meant holidays for schools in Chennai.The latest depression in the Bay of Bengal has won them two days leave - on Friday and Monday.
Yesterday mother and children spent a quiet, rain-soaked day at home watching DVDs - The Ugly Daschund, Peter Pan and A Wednesday (the last being a Hindi-English movie starring Nasiruddeen Shah). The first two movies fascinated them and they didnt want the DVDs returned to the library. The last intrigued them as they havent really seen what bombs can do to human lives.
Watching movies at the theatre is beginning to interest them. After The Adventures of Tintin last week (released 6 weeks earlier in India), they now want to watch Puss in Boots, which is releasing on Dec 2. V tells me I am teaching them many bad, unnecessary habits.
Half yearly exams begin in mid December, after the Christmas programme in school this weekend. Mira is taking part in some programme.
Our Xmas vacation is jinxed since the maid wants to go home for 10 days for …

Fancy subjects

The kids had a fancy dress competition on November 14, Children's Day
in India. Though they did not win any prizes (save for consolation
prize for all participants), they performed well and without any
Ashwin was the social activist and antu--corruption crusader Anna
Hazare, India's latest sensation, while Mira was Dora the Explorer.

Marital plans

Apologies for not writing. The reason was that I was busy and when I was not, I was too bored to write anything.
The kids went for a birthday party tonight with their father while the mother 'slogged' (and blogged) at work. Apparently they had a lovely time. It was the first birthday of a neighbour's kid who was born premature.

Now for their gems of thought...
Ash to V: I will marry Vava (Mira) when I grow up.
V: You cant do that. She is your sister.
Ash: But didnt you marry Amma?
V: That is different. You will get someone else to marry and Vava too.
Ash: Oh! Vaava, we will get new people to marry. That means we will have two more people to play with!